KHS Awards

The KHS administers the following seven Awards.

These are presented during the KHS Annual Meeting when suitable candidates for each are selected or judged by the Awards Committee.

Bronze Salamander Award – A bronze salamander on a walnut base; exemplary long-term service to the KHS
The Suzanne L. & Joseph T. Collins Award – $1,000 and a commemorative plaque; best paper/presentation (even years) or photograph (odd years)
Howard K. Gloyd-Edward H. Taylor Scholarship – $300; Educational scholarship
Alan H. Kamb Grant for Research on Kansas Snakes – $300; Best research proposal on Kansas snakes
Henry S. Fitch-Dwight R. Platt Award for Excellence in Field Herpetology – $200; For exemplary herpetological fieldwork in Kansas
George Toland Award for Ecological Research on North American Herpetofauna – $200; Best research proposal on Kansas herp ecology
Walter Meshaka Award for Excellence in Ecology – $100; Best poster presented at the KHS Annual Meeting