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George Toland Award for Ecological Research on North American Herpetofauna

The George Toland Award for Ecological Research on North American Herpetofauna was established in 2006 by the Board of Directors of The Center for North American Herpetology (CNAH) as a trust in perpetuity in recognition of the distinguished teaching career of the late George Fredrick Toland (1915-1992), a Salina (Kansas) biology teacher whose life-long field work with young folks in search of amphibians, chelonians, and reptiles was amply demonstrated in his extensive mentoring of the many students whose lives he so profoundly influenced. George was born in St. John, Kansas, on 25 September 1915. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from McPherson College (Kansas) and his Master’s Degree from Northern Colorado University. George taught school in the following Kansas communities: Canton, Turner, Caldwell, Minneapolis, and Salina. He was a horseman, a teacher, a poet, a writer, an author, a naturalist, a dramatics coach, a football coach, a statistician, a craftsman, a romantic, a photographer, but most of all he was a legend. He died on 15 March 1992 and is buried at his birthplace. By agreement with CNAH, the KHS annually makes an award ($200.00) in honor and memory of George Toland, a longtime supporter and member of the Kansas Herpetological Society. All students presenting papers on the ecology of North American herpetofauna at the KHS annual meeting are eligible for the George Toland Award. The winner will be announced at the conclusion of each annual meeting in November. The KHS Awards Committee will select the recipient of the George Toland Award. The recipient must be present to receive The Toland Award or another recipient will be selected.

Former Recipients:
2008 Steve D. Grant Canyon, Texas
2009 Emilie Blevins Manhattan, Kansas
2010 Katie Talbott Hays, Kansas
2011 Denise M. Thompson Springfield, Missouri
2012 Alexander J. Anton Omaha, Nebraska
2013 Josh Mead Lincoln, Nebraska
2014 Maya McElfish Emporia, Kansas
2015 No award given
2016 Carolyn Reiland-Smith Boca Raton, Florida
2017 Allison Hullinger Hays, Kansas
2018 Diedre L. Kramer Hays, Kansas
2019 Neil Balchan Greeley Colorado
2020 Meghan Ward Durham, Ontario, Canada