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Kansas Herpetological Society Special Publications

1) Kansas Herpetological Society Field Checklist
v.1 – Feb 1976 – Compiled by Eric M. Rundquist ( Perry, J. 1976. KHS members to receive checklist to Kansas herps. Kansas Herpetological Society Newsletter (11: 1)). Original ca. 4″ X 7.5″.
v.2 – Aug 1977 – Reported to exist; Pending Upload.

2) The Lizards of Kansas by Edward H. Taylor
1993 – Facsimile of Edward H. Taylor’s unpublished master’s thesis.
With forewords by Eric M. Rundquist, Hobart M. Smith, and Joseph T. Collins.
A scanned version of the actual thesis is available via the Kansas Herp Atlas library ( here).