KHS Publications

Collinsorum is the official publication of KHS. Issued as submitted content allows (at least annually), Collinsorum publishes manuscripts and notes of interest dealing with the biology of the Kansas herpetofauna or written by KHS members. Collinsorum also contains information and reports of Society activities. All interested persons are invited to submit items for publication as well. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor no later than the 15th of the month prior to the month of issuance. All manuscripts become the sole possession of the Society, and will not be returned unless special arrangements are made with the Editor. Pen and ink illustrations and photographs are also welcomed. These should be sized accordingly as no reductions can be made. Illustrations and photographs will be returned to the author only upon request.

All back issues of KHS Publications are available gratis for download as PDFs. Original copies of all publications are archived in the Joseph T. Collins Memorial Library, Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

Special Publications of the Kansas Herpetological Society (various dates)

Kansas Herpetological Society Newsletter (1974 through 2001)

Journal of Kansas Herpetology (2002 through 2011)

Collinsorum (2012 to date)