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KHS Herp Counts

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About KHS Herp Counts:

Since 1989 the Kansas Herpetology Society has sponsored, facilitated, and published the results of their Herpetofaunal Counts. The initial herp counts were held in Morris, Sumner, Kiowa, and Allen counties (Collins, J. T. 1989. First Kansas Herp Counts Held in 1989. KHS Newsletter No. 77).

The KHS Herp Counts were initially designed, compiled, and authored by Joseph T. Collins to take place every March, April, and May. In 1993 KHS Editor Eric Rundquist joined as a compiler and co-author and ultimately assumed sole authorship in 1994. In 2002, Editor Travis W. Taggart expanded the counts so that they may be conducted at any time of the year and began publishing them individually under the submitting author.

Several Herp Counts have been conducted continuously for 20+ years, yielding a wealth of data. Herp Counts were initially confined to April and May, but can now be conducted at any time of the year.

If you would like to have your herp count event advertised above, please send all pertinent information (date/time and location of the count, etc.) to the KHS Editor (


Published KHS Herp Counts:

Year County(s) Link
1989 Morris, Sumner, Kiowa, Allen KHSN 77
1990 Hodgeman, Sumner, Ellis, Russell, Cowley, Chase, Barber, Kiowa, McPherson KHSN 81
1991 Clay, Sumner, Anderson, Jefferson, Geary, Cowley, Johnson, Ellis, Kiowa, Sheridan, Butler KHSN 85
1992 Ellis, Russell, Cowley, Sumner, Douglas, Pottawatomie, Johnson, Leavenworth, Kiowa KHSN 89
1993 Ellis, Russell, Cowley, Sumner, Douglas, Pottawatomie, Johnson, Leavenworth, Kiowa KHSN 94
1994 Bourbon, Crawford, Linn, Linn, Sumner, Douglas, Johnson, Butler, Chase, Lyon, Shawnee, Cherokee, Woodson, Ellis, Russell, Montgomery, Rush, Osage, Kiowa, Clark, Cowley, Pratt, Barton KHSN 97
1994 Cowley, Sedgwick (counts left out of prior issue) KHSN 98
1995 Douglas, Bourbon, Anderson, Sumner, Shawnee, Douglas, Osage, Wabaunsee, Jefferson, Linn, Cowley KHSN 101
1996 Johnson, Miami, Crawford, Neosho, Barber, Miami, Stevens, Osage, Lyon, Coffey, Sumner, Chautauqua, Barton, Cowley, Shawnee, Bourbon, Linn, Cherokee, Graham, Douglas, Montgomery, Butler, Grant, Morton, Wabaunsee, Stafford, Haskell, Ford, Anderson, Morris, Cheyenne, Elk, Osage, Sedgwick, Neosho KHSN 104
1997 Miami, Shawnee, Linn, Cowley, Chase, Douglas, Trego, Pratt, Barber, Graham KHSN 108
1998 Cherokee, Barber, Cowley, Sumner, Douglas, Barton, Linn, McPherson, Shawnee, Osage, Doniphan, Atchison, Wabaunsee, Wyandotte, Ellis, Butler, Sedgwick, Franklin, Brown, Pawnee, KHSN 112
1999 Cherokee (published individually) KHSN 117
1999-2000 Barber, Cowley, Sumner, Osage Ellsworth, Meade, Harper, Butler/Greenwood KHSN 122
2001 Cowley, Barber, Linn, Logan, Hamilton KHSN 125
2002 Osage, Shawnee, SUmner JKH 3
2003 Coffey, Cowley, Douglas, Logan, Osage, Riley, Shawnee, Sumner, Shawnee JKH 7
2004 Cherokee, Cowley, Ellsworth, Linn, Osage, Sumner, Shawnee, Wilson JKH 11
2005 Chase, Cherokee, Douglas, Cowley, Franklin, Johnson, Lyon, Linn, Sumner JKH 15
2006 Barber, Cowley, Elk, Ellsworth, Riley, Shawnee, Trego, Sumner, Kiowa JKH 19
2007 Cowley, Ellis, Jefferson, Linn, Reno, Russell, Shawnee, Sumner, Wabaunsee, Wyandotte JKH 23
2008 Cowley, Marshall, Riley, Shawnee, Sumner, Wabaunsee JKH 27
2009 Atchison, Jefferson, Cherokee, Cowley, Elk, Riley, SUmner JKH 31
2010 Anderson, Barton, Cowley, Leavenworth, Riley, Osage, Russell, Shawnee, Sumner, Woodson JKH 35
2011 Leavenworth, Riley JKH 39
2013 Chautauqua, Harvey, Sedgwick, Comanche Collinsorum 2(3)
2015 Riley Collinsorum 4(1)
2017 Barton, Clark, Ellis Collinsorum 6(2-3)
2018 Riley Collinsorum 7(1)